Sunday, September 23, 2007

Podcasts, walks, and taking notes

As well as reading way too many blogs, I've been listening to several podcasts lately. Mostly while walking, as the weather has been so nice. I wish Brother Giles would hurry up with another Secrets of Harry Potter podcast, but I digress. This week, aside from an Emergent Village podcast, I listened to sermons by Tim Keller, Rick McKinley and Mark Driscoll. Yeah, a wee bit of variety there- lol.

This morning I woke up with one of those UberHeadaches that you just know is going to dog you the whole day. After two cups of coffee, two aleve, clarinex and mucinex d didn't do the trick, I went for a walk. Gorgeous day, so I went to the park and my favorite gazebo wall perch, overlooking the bay and sailboats. And listened to podcasts.

Two of the casts I listened to made snarky references to taking notes during sermons. One guy said that most people never read those notes again. That's certainly true in my case. So I started to think about why I take notes. The dude was right, I never look at them again. I can't read my own handwriting half the time anyway, which is why I love the computer. I think it's that doing something while I am listening helps me concentrate.

This is the age of Multitasking. For example, while I'm writing this I'm also watching Stargate Atlantis season three on dvd, and chatting with a friend. Have I mentioned I love my laptop? I can't exactly whip out my computer and chat during church, or walk around for that matter. So, I take notes :)

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Giles Baker said...

Hi there.

I wish I'd hurry up and release a new episode of Secrets of Harry Potter too.

We had a splash of episodes come out at the time of the new book and film, but then along came the summer and things slowed down, as they do.

I won't tell you to hold your breath for the next episode, I'd hate to see a blue Cyber Monk, but don't despair either. Things are in the works.

Giles Baker