Saturday, September 8, 2007

Off the map

Just registered to go to the Off the Map conference in Seattle in November :)

It's sort of a funny story. When I had my lovely trip home from a friend's wedding in April (waves to Larissa), I got a voucher from Jet Blue for the price of my return flight b/c we had a 6 hours delay. Since I'm going to England in Jan and Hungary in July, I figured I needed to use the voucher this fall, and was researching places I was interested in seeing that Jet blue goes to. Had narrowed it down to about four, and after a poll on my LiveJournal (Because such an important decision cannot be made alone), I had decided on Seattle, the first week of November. Figured coffee, hotel with wireless, work on my NaNoWrimo project, and do some sightseeing.

Then I get an email about this conference in Seattle, the first week of November. My Mom: "It's a sign!" Duly taken ;)

Now to find the Jet Blue voucher...

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