Saturday, September 15, 2007

something to think about...

Have been seriously bit by the blog bug. Between importing RSS feeds to my LJ friends list, and now subscribing to many others via bloglines, I've got way too many to read. Was way too much trouble to make links for them all here, so if I have commented on your blog and you don't see it in my links, it doesn't mean I've not subscribed to your feed :)

Here's a bit from Rick McKinley's blog that struck me:

Too often we (the church) think we need to invent and brand everything that we do in the city. This just perpetuates the false shell of our own subculture. Instead look for opportunities that already exist in the city. There are tons of non profits in your town. They are dying for people who will join them in their work. We get to saddle up to people who share Kingdom passion. They may not know it is Kingdom passion because they may not know the King yet. But as you serve them and with them serve others you gain a voice into their lives and they into yours. You also build viability for the Gospel. They begin to trust that you are not going to try to Colonialise their organization and make t-shirts that say “we saved Bob’s aids hospice”.

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