Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm not in Kansas anymore...

Actually I am. Or possibly Missouri. Am staying in Kansas City with my friend Kelly, and the state seems to change from block to block. Apparently I'm not the only one confused, as members of the band we are stalking listening to this weekend were having the same issues - yelling out Kansas and being corrected "Missouri!!"

We're attending all three days of the Kansas City Irish Festival, my feet are sore, and I have no voice :)

Check my LJ
for pictures, and a short video of me at the clogging workshop.
Kelly also has a short vid of Gaelic Storm - Pat Murphy doing his Snoop Dogg version of Johnny Tarr.
(Deeply Spiritual Gaelic Storm is not. But they are much fun. And my favorite band.) Aside from GS, which was the whole reason I came to KC (well that and to finally see Kelly), we saw the Young Dubliners, and the Elders, who also rock. Several CDs have been purchased.

We'll go back today, wearing our "Don't go for the one" teeshirts, for one last stalking performance, and tin whistle workshop. I'm not allowed to buy any more teeshirts, but am permitted another CD or two or three. *whistles innocently*

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