Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My, what a weekend!

Cross posted from Livejournal:

The Mets wash out, SGA washes in. The Doctor leaves us hanging. And I was away for all of it.

Still catching up on everything, have much reading to do, tho I did watch both SGA and DW Sunday nite even with a blinding headache after six hours of driving. (why oh why is it so hard to get back into NY??) That's dedication, I tell ya.

Did much dancing, eating, drinking, talking, beach walking, swimming, and even birding. Yes, it's a verb! Wandered all around the marshlands by the lighthouse in search of hawks, herons, and other things I can't remember. Saw the hawk counting board, but we were all in agreement that people are probably counting the same birds over and over :P.

Piccies are here.

And here is a short vid of my dance teachers and a couple friends doing the hornpipe figure of the Cashel set. Much fun. Unfortunately I didn't get into a set for that one, which is why I was playing with my camera.

Right. Have taken off my blue and orange nail polish and replaced it with red. Now to finish watching torchwood and attempt to wade through four days worth of LJ and bloglines.

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