Saturday, November 3, 2007

NaNoWriMo, and Off the Map

NaNoWriMo started with a bang for me here in Seattle. Since I am registered in NY, I started at midnite EST on Wed, meaning 9PM PST. Which was a good thing, as I didn't actually make it to midnite. I got a good chunk done before the conference started, also a good thing.

today's word count: 506
Total: 2624

I knew today would be a bust writing wise, b/c had so much other stuff going on with conference activities, workshops, dinner, and tonite's "Conversation in a pub", so no worries. At least I got something done.

For what I've been up to all day, as well as last nite and ending tomorrow at noon at Off the Map, others have been blogging like crazy including live blogging at the events. Chuck was intimidated by all the really skinny MacBooks around and elected to stay in his case. So if anyone is interested, I direct you here where a list of blogs has been compiled.

I will content myself with reading them, along with the two books (so far) I've purchased.

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