Thursday, March 6, 2008

Training Update

Among other things.

Tonite is the first evening in about two weeks I've been home and had the house to myself. Ahhhhh :) So am watching POTC3, which I picked up in Targey today. All this water is going to give me plenty incentive to do my swim workout tomorrow. Too bad Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom won't be cavorting about in my gym's pool. Now there's an image tho, yes?

I'm at the halfway point in my triathlon training, and just filled out the recommittment paperwork. So if anyone was waiting for a closer date to support me, now would be a very good time :) I've updated the page a bit, and I'll have my mom take some pics of me with the bike Easter weekend, seeing as she did such a good job over Christmas. Barring a snowstorm or something, which given the weather lately is a possibility. There will be no swimsuit pictures.

I'm up to an hour running, still fairly slowly, swimming half mile in about 25 min, and biking for nearly two hours. Did one hour 50 min today, including stop lights and carrying the bike up and down the steps to the park. So, still have quite a ways to go, but when I look back to December when I could barely run five minutes, hadn't been on a bike in years, and had never learned to swim properly and efficiently (riding the waves at Jones Beach is not considered efficient), I've come quite a ways as well!

I have pretty much all my gear, and filled out the papers today for the (gulp) wetsuit. Had to give up and buy a proper swimsuit tho - the two old ones I've been using up at the pool are so stretched out, I feel like I'm going to float out of them at any second. But I found a suit on LL Bean for the exact price of the gift card I got for Christmas. So just had to pay shipping and tax. Hopefully it will arrive in time for Monday's group swim. And hopefully my old one will stay put on tomorrow's swim. unless Johnny and Orlando *are* there...

On the writing front, started an SGA fic, which at the moment is all dialog and needs to be fleshed out. Perhaps will be inspired to write during commercials tomorrow nite. Now, I'm just going to finish watching Pirates and then read some more Harry Potter fic.

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