Friday, February 15, 2008


I just discovered while reading someone else's blog that one can put one's yahoo avatar on. I've not been using Yahoo much lately since discovering pidgin, which signs me into yahoo, AIM, and live journal talk all at once. But who can resist a cute little piccie on the blog?

I've dressed mine up as best I could in triathlon gear. Might have to switch it over to Irish step dance stuff for St Pats, but have a month yet.

Right, back to watching Ronon and Teal'c kick posteriors on Stargate Atlantis, and then off to bed as I need to get up at 6 to go do the mucho frio run in Central Park tomorrow. *shivers in anticipation*

It's Friday, and I have the whole holiday weekend off!! *bounces* Tomorrow's plans are the group run (see above) and possibly a trip to Trader Joe's to break in Jumper One's cargo net. Sunday will be church and then dinner at Dinosaur BBQ. Monday I will. not. leave. the. house. *bounces again* I plan to play with my sewing machine and do some writing.

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