Friday, August 24, 2007

Last Evening

Have recovered from my melodramatic post from the other day.

Last night I went to my first Emergent Village Cohort meeting.
We sat in the lounge of a bar, drinking wine and beer and talking about God.

It was good.

Tony Jones signed my book! I am such a geek. I don't think I embarrassed myself too much tho. I save the fangirling for Stargate Atlantis conventions. Ahem.

Only damper to the evening was the Mets losing in the 10th inning. *sigh*

Anyway I have many new places to check out :)


tony said...

Great to meet you, Steph! I hope to see you again soon.


Larissa said...

This is pretty cool. Both the blog and emergentvillage, which I had never heard of.

Maybe we could start some kind of Bible study via chat or conference or something. I would love that, since I am dying here in Mo'town -- although I think I'm going to try a new Sunday school class next week.