Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Year Thus Far

As I break my Lenten fast with french toast and canadian bacon - yum! on Easter morning, seems like a good time to update this sadly neglected blog. I don't have to be at church till 5PM, going to attend that service before ushering at 7:15PM, so am having a leisurely easter morning/afternoon eating and listening to the Messiah on my ipod. Contemplating a bike ride also, but it looks rather cold and windy out there, so we shall see.

I've been spending way too much time on Facebook - its short soundbytes are addictive, and the amusing mix of internet friends, real life here and now friends, and high school people whom I didn't think even liked me back then but now are friending me, is interesting also. Talk about various worlds colliding!

So what's been doing with me? I see the last time I posted here was right before I went to England in January. England was awesome as usual, and Wales even more so. Pics are here, and Travelog here.

Sewing - I have successfully completed another pair of boxer shorts, and a baby blanket. Next attempt will be a skirt for summer. Because I am a glutton for punishment, I've also taken up knitting. So far I have made something that can only be described as a "thingie", which is being worn by one of my teddy bears. Am now on my fourth attempt to start a hat, which might be ready for next winter. If nothing else my fourteen inch bamboo knitting needles will be useful in defense against vampires.

Reading - I really really want a kindle, but have promised myself I will not get one until I get to the bottom of my to read basket, so am reading as fast as I can. Aside from an excellent fantasy novel, I'm in the middle of "Christ the Lord" by Anne Rice. I've never been much of an Anne Rice fan, read "Interview with a Vampire" ages ago and wasn't too impressed, but her story fascinates me. The book is very interesting so far. The Roman Catholic bent is pretty obvious, especially in the characterization of Mary and Joseph, but her Jesus makes sense - I've often wondered what it was like for him being God and child together, to grow up.

And with that I think I will attempt a bike ride after all.

Happy Easter, everyone!!

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