Saturday, August 2, 2008



There's never enough of it to do everything that I want. And work too. But I have to work in order to have the money to do the things that I want to do, so quitting my job to have more time is not an option. Perhaps when I'm a best selling novelist - sometime in the 30th century...

Everyone has seen the movie "Groundhog Day", in which a man gets stuck in a time loop- playing out the same day over and over again. Pretty much every scifi show worth its salt has an episode with a similar theme - Star Trek, X-Files, Stargate.

My favorite (though XF's 'Mulder in the wet pajamas' runs a close second) is the Stargate version. Several loops of the same day have passed for Jack when Daniel tells him he has a unique opportunity, He can do whatever he wants for as long as he wants, with no consequences, because everything will go back to the way it was when the loops begins again. Except for him. Jack takes advantage of this. He learns pottery, perfects his golf shot (through the Stargate), teaches Teal'c to juggle, rides his bike through the SGC, and resigns so he can finally kiss Sam. *g*

What would you do if you were stuck in a time loop? With unlimited time on my hands, I'd become that best selling novelist, champion tin whistle player and step dancer, win a triathlon, hike the whole world (though travel might be a logistical problem if I'm stuck in the same day. Hmm.) Memorize the Bible in several translation. Heck, learn Greek and Hebrew and translate my own. Sew my own complete wardrobe, catch up on all the tv shows I've not seen, and read all the books on my wish list and then some.

Maybe that's what heaven will be like - stuck in the same perfect day forever, with unlimited things to do.

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