Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bagpipes in church!

Tonight my worlds collided. In a good way. I get to church and am sitting there, reading the bulletin, quieting my thoughts, as one does, when the music starts.

My first thought - this sounds suspiciously like a reel. This is Irish. It *is* a reel. Then the pipes started. I look up. Wait a minute, I know that guy! The dude playing uilleann pipes I've met before. A couple of times at various traditional sessions around Manhattan. All Ireland pipe champion. What in the world is he doing playing in my church??

I know I shouldn't be as surprised as I was to realize I was not the only fan of Irish music sitting in the building. I tend to assume that all Irish musicians are either Catholic or Pagan, even though I am neither.

I confess my toe might have been tapping a wee bit too much *blush*. It was a completely Irish night. Reel mixed with a hymn for prelude, jig mixed with a hymn for postlude. Offertory was Amazing Grace, with the melody of "She moved through the fair" intertwined (might sound awful, but trust me, it worked.). And we also sang the hymn that has the same tune as "The Foggy Dew".

It was wonderful, and another vote in favor of joining this church. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to go talk to the dude after, not that he would remember me. I hope he comes back!


Larissa said...

And we have a winner...

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