Sunday, December 2, 2007

exercise, exercise

I may have mentioned that after sitting flat on my butt typing like mad for the entire month of November, and doing next to no physical exercise (tho, dude, my fingers? They be BUFF.) I signed up for a triathlon.

Yesterday, in between choir practice and our TGIO party, we had our gear clinic, to get us sorted on the stuff we need for three different sports and season. Three hours and two sporting good stores later I am the proud owner of:

Winter running tights
Bike shorts (which are, um, interesting)
Wind stopper jacket with zip off sleeves and built in jersey
Wind stopper gloves
balacava thingie (not Greek pastry)
Bike helmet (guaranteed to make me look cylon)
Goggles (not googles)
Cage and water bottle for TehJerry's bike
Bike computer and light/reflector something or other (was package deal with helmet)
Two long sleeve base layer shirts.

Now I just need to get out the door...

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